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Do You Know Alphabet, Inc. Owns Google and Google’s CEO is An Indian – Sunder Pichai?

Sundar Pichai CEO Google

Google co-founder Larry Page made an unexpected announcement of restructuring of Google, putting it under an umbrella of Alphabet, Inc, a new corporate boss that holds various divisions, including Calico, Fiber, Google etc. and shifted himself and Brin as a CEO & President of this new company. Page has appointed Sunder Pichai, a Chennai born … Read more

Did Pigeon Has Changed the LOCAL-SEO?


Google’s Pigeon algorithm update changed the way local SEOs do business — or at least, it should have. According to Neil Patel we should be breaking old habits and refocusing our local search tactics. SEO is getting dynamic day by day, no one can predict the updates Google is about to roll out. In a … Read more

Google Sending Mobile Usability Warnings To Huge Number Of Webmasters

seosurfer google mobile smartphones blue ss 1920

Google sending notifications to webmasters with sites that are not mobile friendly. Is this a sign of a new mobile algorithm coming soon?   Google is sending mass notifications to webmasters who has websites that are not mobile-friendly. These notifications contain the subject “fix mobile usability issues found on…” It then goes on to explain … Read more