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Tips, Tricks & IMP Points of Keyword Research in 2015

Challenge for an SEO starts with keyword research!

As an internet marketer, you must always wonder regarding the selecting and suggesting keywords to your clients that can bring higher rankings or increase their ROI. But, have you ever thought – Are you suggesting the right keyword or you are end up suggesting generic keywords that are difficult to get on top search results or are those keywords can help in the conversions if they got rank somehow.

Well, this is a very common problem and a challenge for all search engine marketers have to face sooner or later, but you know what…selecting the right keywords that can be further converted into goals is something very easy and is not a rocket science. But for that, all you need to remember some really important things while selecting keywords for your clients.

So, what are those some important things. First of all, make a list of keywords or phrases (Small, Medium and Long Tail), that must be considered by the search engines directories when searching for your company or website and that can be done by choosing a brand name, Conceptual Keywords, Keyword Quality and many more like that. Let’s get a little deeper into that.

Below are some great examples and tips for some important things to remember while researching & selecting the keywords

  • Brand Names


For the first step, if you are going to buy a domain name then make sure it relates with your Brand name or not, and if a brand name applies then try to choose a domain as the name of your Brand. Secondly, if you are offering a type of service then try to make the name of that service into your brand and domain. Because, while doing that, there are many possible chances for your website to shop up in the top places for those products and services.

[Warning: Choosing any domain name in the name of service that has high search volume than you should read this EMD update that Google has rolled out in 2012 to take down such domains without good quality content]

  • Conceptual Keywords

Conceptual Keyword

Conceptual keywords play very important role in increasing the rankings of a website. Because these type of keywords can easily rank a website on the services and products they are offering.

For example: A conceptual keyword like “Athletic Gear”, this can be searched by many people for those companies who are offering stuffs similar or related to “Athletic Gear” or it may be a sports company who is selling.

So, try to select conceptual keywords as well, because there are more chances to get them rank instead of all competitive Keywords.

  • Company Names

business-namesNow suppose, if you are selling products of other companies/brands into your website. Then what one of the best strategy you will take for that? Include the name of the brand with the products. Yes! because including the brand name with the products can increase your website’s visibility and hence, more chances to get top rankings by beating your competitors.

However, first take a look at the SERP for the products you are going to add with the brand names, in order to find out whether the actual brand is coming on the top place or not, because if the original brand is coming then, you  probably have less chance to get that King place in the Search Results.

  • Quality of Keywords

Keyword qualityWhat Quality Score has to do with keyword selection, and even with SEO? Let’s step out a little and take cross reference with one of the index belongs to SEM. While selecting the keywords, make sure to select only those ones that can bring the quality visitors on the website, and then it does not matter the number visitors get little down. Because, if you are playing in the SERP with low quality keywords, then with the time it will decrease the quality of  the website and later cause your customers in no interest anyway.

Thus, focusing more on the keywords that can be further converted into conversions are better to choose, because this keyword planning will bring you the right and quality visitors.

  • Your Company Name

company nameThat’s very fine if your brand/company name is not as much popular as “NIKE” or “FORD MOTORS”. But the thing is that try to less emphasize on your Brand Name and instead of that create a well written “About us” page along with some most competitive and medium competitive keywords and make sure to have your company name several times in it.

The impact of this strategy can act like a buzz for your website in the SERP’s and for the products you are selling as well. Because, one of the most important characteristics of Google crawlers is that, if you are able to justify your brand with the products you are selling into your website content, then there are for-sure chances for your website to come up on the relevant searches. Not only this, if someone searches for your company name, then it can still come up as a relevant search result.

  • Keyword Overview Before Selecting


First of all, try to see that how many websites are coming on your targeted keywords or phrases and this is important to do before you launch your website. Because if few exact matches found, then it would be easier to get higher rankings.

After, that try to make a proper strategy for your website that can bring you one of the top contender for the first place.

And, if you do that effectively, then there may be phrases/keywords that are much easier to achieve a good rankings and finding the correctly can give you unexpected traffic.

Well, that’s all for now, hope you enjoyed reading this and try to apply these Important Things to Remember While Selecting Keywords on your websites and blogs for much better ranking and traffic.

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