Digital Marketing Strategies During & After COVID-19

At one point, online marketing was just a different way to market a product/service. As the internet became part of our daily lives, digital marketing prove to be more quantitative and comparatively less expensive for brands than traditional marketing. 

However, in the past few months, ‘dependencies on digital mediums have become necessary to the brands. The scope of digital marketing has become skyrocketing.’

People are spending more time online than ever. According to a Forbes report, internet usage in the past few weeks has surged up to 50-60%.

With such swelling reach, it is equally important to communicate in a newer and sensitive way. Some strategies you might find helpful are:

Responsible Marketing – Sympathise with your audience and set your content’s tone accordingly and establish an emotional connection with your customers.

Engaging Content – Create relevant content with the current times in both paid and organic posts. Some brands are adjusting their logos to connect with covid-19.

Send a Message – Deliver a sensitive and informative message to promote social distancing, stay at home, or make sure that your audience is doing fine.

Track your Performance – It is essential to know what and what not is working for your business. Some people splurge on sponsors and paid advertising without researching their audience, which affects their conversion rates.

Buyer Process – Understand the buyer journey, and how much time they spend on a specific page, how many are resulting in transactions? Match your content with your buyer’s journey. Start targeting users near the bottom of the funnel and analyze user history to acknowledge the customer better.

Incorporate SEO – Use sites like Ahrefs or SEMRush to find out what potential customers in your industry are searching for and use SEO strategies to maximize your reach.

Remain flexible – The world of digital marketing is ever-changing, keeping up with the trends is equally important. Businesses always need to ensure their strategy remains relevant to their target audience.

Don’t underestimate backlinks – Marketers are increasingly shifting their SEO strategies from keywords to topics. While topics are essential to building your reputation, you still need the backlinks, a significant ranking factor in Google.

This is the right time to start digital activities and you need strong Digital Marketing Consulting support.