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Significance of Digital Marketing Course With MSME Govt. Certification

Why it is getting more important for everybody to learn Digital Marketing, not only for students but also for working professionals from different sectors.

In the last 5 yrs., marketing expenditure on digital channels has quadrupled; according to the report by the International Journal of Advanced Research Foundation – India is rising tremendously in the Digital World.

They reported between these 5 yrs. i.e., 2013 to 2018 India will see incredible growth opportunities in Search Engine Optimisation, E-Commerce, Internet Advertising, Social Media, Content Marketing, and Services relating digital marketing.

Both images below are showing Global as well as Indian growth in Digital Marketing.

significance msme digital marketing
Total Media, Digital & Mobile Internet Ad Spending in India, 2013-2019 (Figures in USD Billion) (Source: Dazinfo)
Global Ad Spending by Medium
Global Ad Spending by Medium (Source: LinkedIn)

So What?

How Significant is it for Indian Job Seekers?

Let’s see what the media has to say or what the latest employment rate is according to the reports.

The unemployment rate in the country will stand at 3.5% in 2018 and 2019 – the same level of unemployment seen in 2017 and 2016, the ILO’s ‘World Employment and Social Outlook: Trends 2018’ report said.

According to its latest report, the number of jobless in the country will increase to 18.6 million in 2018 and 18.9 million in 2019, against 18.3 million in 2017. (Source: Business-standard.com)

Well, you can easily co-relate it – one industry is growing tremendously, and the workforce which can become a part of this growth engine is undergoing a declining rate.

Possibly, other sectors might be facing such downtime. I’m not here to discuss jobs situation in India but Yes! There is something which can be an alternative solution for the same. And it is happening, check out below statistics:

Students from Different Stream & Subjects Have Taken Digital Marketing Training
Students from Different Stream & Subjects Have Taken Digital Marketing Training (Image is Copyrighted to SEOsurfer)

These stats tell you how learners from different verticals are striving to acquire Digital Knowledge. (Image is Copyrighted to SEOsurfer)

What are the benefits of doing a digital marketing course?

It is a high time to learn digital marketing because it develops the following skills:

  • Planning and Budgeting
  • Paid Campaign Management- setup, monitor and optimize
  • Social Media Management- Research, Curate, Publish and Amplify
  • Copy Writing
  • Design ‘sense.’
  • Tool knowledge- analytics and automation

With the above skills, you can enter into any industry and become their crucial changer as far as reaching to their relevant, targeted customers regarding communication & promotion.

There are plenty of Institutions who are claiming to offer the “best digital marketing course,” but they fail to teach the real practicality of the course. Also, such certification is not going to help you to get a job as well as to earn by yourself.

Until you learn & perform practicals, somehow simulation can work. So, along with such practical modules, one should seek for an authenticated Certification.

How Will MSME (Govt. of India) Certified Digital Marketing Course Help You to Achieve Your Dream Job?

  • Everybody knows the importance of “Certification” as it provides authentication to your knowledge.
  • Certification from Govt. of India is prestigious to earn.
  • It can get you a job in the Public sector as well as the Private sector.
  • It helps Recruiter to quickly filter out the one skilled person out of a bunch of resumes.
  • You can avail several benefits under the programs run by the Govt. of India for Startups.
MSME Certificate Digital Marketing
MSME Certificate Digital Marketing

One must opt Digital Marketing Course with MSME (Govt. of India) Certification plus a few necessary certificates that will help establish practical knowledge required in this industry.