How To Add Multiple Users/Contacts In A WhatsApp Group?

It’s been one of the popular question floating on the net when anyone moving towards WhatsApp Marketing.

This Article is useful for #Sales Person, #Multi-Level Marketers (#DirectMarketing), Group Admin, #Community #Managers etc.

So, the question arises Why it is required to add many strangers to a Whatsapp Group?

WhatsApp is become an integral part of everyone’s life be it a student, be it an office working person, be it any kind of groups of people who want to discuss / chit-chat with each other.

People are using it a personal platform to gossip or also a professional channel to share messages.

Coming to the point –

Along with the personal use, people are using it for spreading their words to increase reach, to promote their ideas, to find more prospects of their services/products. Thus, being a FREE CHANNEL it is one of the most suitable ways to reach out to the masses.


1. Using our previous blog which is most popular globally, you can add multiple contacts in a WhatsApp.

2. Once, you successfully add contacts then simple create your group with few people

3. Then, go to the Group Setting > Invite via link

Group Invite Link Generator


4. On an Invite Link Page > Choose to Copy Link OR Share Link Whatsapp group link and revoke option

5. Don’t forget to remove link once its purpose is served.