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In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, the significance of digital marketing cannot be overstated. It has become the cornerstone of businesses, careers, and opportunities alike. If you’re looking to harness the power of internet marketing and propel your career forward, look no further than SEOsurfer’s exceptional Digital Marketing Trainings in Mandideep. Step into the realm of immersive digital learning with SEOsurfer and not just survive, but excel in the fast-paced digital business world.

Advantages of Prime Digital Marketing Trainings in Mandideep

SEOsurfer recognizes the importance of offering training that goes beyond the ordinary. Our program isn’t just about acquiring skills – it’s about gaining a competitive edge and advancing your career goals. We provide ongoing support even after the course concludes, ensuring a seamless transition into the digital workforce.

Empower Your Career:

In a job market with millions of applicants, standing out is paramount. Our program equips you with sought-after skills like SEO, SMO, PPC, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, and Affiliate Marketing, allowing you to craft an impressive CV that showcases your expertise in these high-demand areas.

Strategic Corporate Training:

In the ever-changing digital landscape, businesses require adaptable strategies. Our program offers six months of strategic consultation to enhance revenue, streamline operations, and foster success in the age of technology. It’s about contributing to industry success and individual achievement.

Tailored Learning Options:

Recognizing that each educational journey is unique, we offer the flexibility of choosing between online and offline classes, accommodating your learning style and schedule.

Navigating the Digital Shift:

The pandemic has reshaped how we work and learn. Our program equips you with the skills needed to navigate this evolving landscape, whether it’s acquiring new skills, freelancing part-time, or exploring digital avenues.

A Curriculum for Real-World Success

Our curriculum isn’t just about theoretical knowledge – it’s designed to provide practical skills essential for thriving in the digital realm. Regardless of your background, our comprehensive curriculum equips you to face the challenges of the digital world confidently.

Master Key Areas:

Search Engine Optimization:

Delve into keyword research, Google algorithms, and more in just 15 days, coupled with a three-month internship for hands-on experience.

Mobile App Advertisement:

Explore the impact of mobile apps through app store optimization, review management, and user engagement techniques.

Local SEO Services:

Learn to enhance local business visibility, manage reviews, and track calls, potentially increasing profits significantly.

eCommerce Training:

Master online retail with a month-long module covering website setup, platform usage, and Google Shopping integration.

PPC Training (Google Ads):

Dive into pay-per-click advertising with a comprehensive 9-day course on campaign setup, bidding strategies, and more.

Facebook Advertising:

Specialize in targeted Facebook advertising over a seven-day module, covering campaign setup, pixel management, and precise targeting.

Affiliate Marketing:

Unlock the potential of affiliate marketing with a module covering blog creation, traffic generation, and program establishment.

Dropshipping Training:

Learn the ins and outs of dropshipping, from website building to successful ad campaigns.

Website Design & Development:

Acquire the fundamentals of website design, wireframing, and graphic design without advanced coding skills.

Content Writing:

Develop skills in SEO content writing, ad copywriting, guest blogging, and engaging audiences.

Google and Web Analytics:

Understand the core of digital strategy with modules covering tracking and measurement.

Blogging Training:

Engage with your audience effectively through bilingual (Hindi/English) blogging.

Industries We Have Served:

Our expertise spans a wide array of industries, including tourism, pet care, beauty, IT, jewelry, and retail. Our strategies have enabled businesses to reach their target audiences effectively and drive growth.

Proven Impact: Transformative Training

Since 2011, we’ve empowered over 13,700 individuals with digital skills, trained over 1,780 businesses, and witnessed our students complete over 4,900 successful projects.

Consistent Praise:

High ratings on platforms like Google Review (GMB) and Just Dial attest to the quality of our training programs.

Embark on Digital Marketing Mastery

The digital realm demands constant adaptation. SEOsurfer’s Online Marketing Institute in Mandideep equips you with the transformative knowledge you need to thrive. Whether you’re a student, job seeker, or working professional, our program provides the tools for a lasting impact. Join us on the journey to internet marketing success today!

Reach us on +91 9111162909, or explore our comprehensive Digital Marketing Course by visiting SEOsurfer at: https://www.seosurfer.in/ Join forces with SEOsurfer – one of Central India’s premier Digital Marketing institutes!



Digital Marketing has emerged as the ultimate weapon to propel businesses to succeed within their industries. Digital Marketing, as its name implies, refers to marketing products and services using digital technologies like websites, search engines, social media networks and various other digital means. Every business’s approach varies according to their target audience. Here are some popular techniques companies employ to gain momentum: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC), Affiliate Marketing, Native Advertising, Email Marketing, PR Outreach and Inbound Marketing.

As one of the important online marketing companies in Mandideep, Madhya Pradesh,digital marketing services go far beyond conversion sales.They create brand awareness, generate leads, increase customer engagement and retention, reduce bounce rate and customer satisfaction, promote your services/products more effectively and understand customer preferences better than ever. Simply put, digital marketing is essential in modern businesses to walk customers through how services/products improve lives – and this journey empowers businesses like never before!


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ExcelR offers its participants quality training and outstanding support, dedicated to excellence. ExcelR is an established digital marketing institute and offers some of the finest digital marketing courses, all delivered by highly experienced and certified trainers who are considered among the top trainers in their respective industries, creating an exceptional learning experience for its participants. Each topic of their digital marketing course contains hands-on practical exercises for optimal learning experience for its participants.

ExcelR’s course curriculum is tailored to current industrial needs, carefully created by top experts and is widely considered the best in its industry.

Course Outline

Intro to Digital Marketing with WordPress Development at its Core (WPC), Search Engine Optimisation, Google Ads Marketing (Google Ads), Email and Inbound Marketing as well as Inbound and Social Media Marketing is provided as well as Web Analytics (Google Analytics), Online Reputation Management (ORM), Content Writing/Advanced Blogging/Media Buying/Planning / Planning Affiliate Video (YouTube) Marketing Automation Digital Infographics Resume Creation are some of the topics to be covered within this course.

Course Duration & Fee at ExcelR

Course highlights: 60+ Hours Live Online Training and 120+ Assignments
Industry Case Studies. IIM Skills Master Certification.
Preparation for Google, Facebook & Hubspot Examination; Real-time Learning on various Internet Marketing Tools with real-time hands-on practice on various internet marketing tools to develop real-time hands-on knowledge; Unlimited Access To Course Recordings And Class Presentations With Placement Support For Our Students (phone 1800-212-2120)