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Pay-Per-click Advertising

PPC or SEM has proven to be one of the most robust online advertising platforms. It has grown rapidly into a digital advertisement platform and has become an integral part of many businesses' success.  Over time, it has become so effective that even experts and prominent businessmen have suggested promoting business online effectively.

For the internet, search engines function like a gateway. And if the website ranks low on the search result page, then website traffic will remain significantly less. Hence, it would help if the website is advertised to attract more traffic to the website.

Companies don’t want to wait until their website’s rank rises organically; therefore, they start pushing via PPC.

 The visibility of websites in search engine results is improved by search engine marketing (SEM).

What is PPC or SEM?

PPC is a concept wherein advertiser has to pay when the user clicks on their advertisements. SEM or Search Engine Marketing follows the same PPC concept wherein advertisement publishes on search engine result page, and the advertiser has to pay to the platform (Search Engine) when the viewer clicks on it. 

In the Digital Marketing ecosystem, PPC is considered the most powerful solution that delivers profit in revenue.

Benefits Of PPC / SEM Training Course

Companies have been searching for Search Engine Marketing professionals to promote their business through PPC campaigns. So, when you enrol at SEO Surfer for PPC/SEM course, you gain ample knowledge and skills related to the handling of paid advertising campaigns that can improve sales of a business.

So, as an independent SEM specialist, you can either join an online marketing company or work. The most striking feature is that, from anywhere in the world, you can do this work.

The goal of the SEM course we offer is to provide you with in-depth experience and detailed knowledge of the PPC ads campaigns, particularly on Google Adwords.

Who should enrol in PPC / SEM classes?

We believe that anyone who has a passion for the marketing sector or an interest in a career in the online world may enter our PPC classes.
The SEM course has been developed to ensure that even beginners in online marketing will feel at ease during the training sessions at SEOSurfer.

What will you learn?

  • Understanding Pay-per-click
  • Keyword Planning
  • Ad Writing & Landing Page Optimization
  • Concepts of Paid Marketing
  • AdWords Reports & Analytics
  • YouTube Ad format, tools and targeting Google Display Network
  • Campaign Management
  • Ad Management
  • Analysis and optimization.
  • Double Click Ad Exchange Overview
  • Video Ad Campaign creation
  • Video Ad Campaign tracking and optimization
  • YouTube LIVE*
  • Importance of Mobile Advertising
  • Ad Formats and Networks for Mobile,
  • Apps Marketing & Google Play Store Optimization.
  • Mobile Analytics & KPIs
  • SMS Marketing & Best Practices
  • SEO, PPC & SMO Reports
  • Data Studio

Join Advanced and In-Depth PPC Training at SEO Surfer, Bhopal

PPC course at SEOSurfer is an extensive training program based on full proficiency in PPC methodology, primarily Google Ads & Social Media Ads with a powerful motto: To make you a better PPC Expert!

A PPC campaign can help a prominent branding and even allow you to achieve significant results in a brief period. 

In this module, you will learn to create and run these campaigns live and various strategies that will help you to reach more people effectively to engage them and eventually convert them. You will also get opportunities to run the live campaign for real businesses at SEOSurfer. 

PPC course covers everything you need to know from the basics which include following but not limited to 

  • What is PPC, 
  • Types of PPC
  • Keyword research and 
  • Categorization for google AdWords, 
  • Auction, 
  • Campaign structure, 
  • Ad copy formation, 
  • Do’s and don’ts, 
  • Quality score, 
  • Bid strategy, 
  • Setting up a PPC account, 
  • Optimization & reporting, 
  • Search & Display network campaign, 
  • Remarketing,
  • Google Adwords Editor, and much more. 

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