Learn To Create PPC Landing Page That Helps SEO in 2016


Value of white hat content & guidance never go down. Like this old article that was written in 2009 but still can help advertisers, businesses to get focused traffic in 2016. The conventional thinking on pay-per click landing pages is that they should be “dedicated landing pages”, should be “de-indexed”, and that you need to … Read more

Do You Know Alphabet, Inc. Owns Google and Google’s CEO is An Indian – Sunder Pichai?

Sundar Pichai CEO Google

Google co-founder Larry Page made an unexpected announcement of restructuring of Google, putting it under an umbrella of Alphabet, Inc, a new corporate boss that holds various divisions, including Calico, Fiber, Google etc. and shifted himself and Brin as a CEO & President of this new company. Page has appointed Sunder Pichai, a Chennai born … Read more

Yahoo Wants To Syndicate Search To 600,000 Mobile Apps

seosurfer yahoo logo purple 800

Yahoo’s first mobile developer conference, held yesterday in San Francisco, was impressive for a company that a couple years ago was pronounced dead from an engineering and product standpoint. Relying heavily on personnel from Yahoo’s Flurry acquisition and the latter’s deep penetration into the mobile developer community, Yahoo has launched an ambitious plan to extend the reach of … Read more

Google’s New Hacked Classifier Misclassifies Some Web Sites As Hacked

piracy hacking malware ss 1920

Google has released a new hacked page classifier for its search results that had a bug leading to “a small number” of sites being misclassified as hacked. This morning, I noticed an unusual number of complaints in the help forums with complaints that their hacked-free sites were labeled by Google as “this site may be hacked.” … Read more

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