SJ7 Star v1.20 Firmware Changelog

Lately, SJ7 got updated their Firmware, check out the latest configuration below:


SJCAM Camera Official Site: http://sjcam.com/


  1. Adds Gimbal mode
  2. EIS (Gyro Stabilization) updated to EIS2.0 (improved stabilization)
  3. Adds distortion correction for the following resolutions:

(2.7K*30fps 4:3) (2.7K*30fps SV) (2.7K*30fps 16:9) (2.5k*30fps 16:9)

(1440P*60fps 4:3) (1440P*30fps 4:3) (1080P*60fps 16:9) (1080P*30fps 16:9) (1080P*60fps SV) (1080P*30fps SV) (960P*60fps 4:3) (960*30fps 4:3) (720P*60fps 16:9) (720P*30fps 16:9)

  1. Adds 2160*24fps resolution
  2. Optimizes Russian
  3. Adds Loop Recording up to 3 minutes (default) (loop record this audio fix is coming).
  4. Improves TV mode PAL 720P*120fps SV image quality.
  5. Adds distortion correction (anti-fisheye)!

V1.20 Download Link: v1.20 FW

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