Only Keyword Ranking Alone Will Not Benefit Your Business

Worldwide businesses blend proven online marketing strategies and techniques both qualitative as well as quantitative to gain high rankings. They utilize their domain experience to achieve top positions in SERP. However, in this blind rat race, they fail to create a unique position for their brand; however, you can optimize your keyword by following the best OnPage practice which I had shared in the last blog. They forget to connect with their users and establish better relationships with them, which helps a business to reap substantial benefits. Mere achieving keyword rankings is not enough; in fact, it is just beginning. There is lot more to do and execute.

Need of Establishing A Brand Image

Online business owners should understand the role of their business and its specific objectives. They must try to build their brand, improve their traffic and focus on conversion rates at the same time to gain an edge and establish their brand image in a professional manner. They need to make their brand relevant and reliable so that customers can distinguish it and become loyal.

Focus On Satisfying Existing Customers

In fact, businesses also need to concentrate on satisfying existing customers and attract new customers. They need to work on strengthening the relationships with clients by resolving their fundamental issues and problems. Such acts help to the brand to carve its real position in the niche.

For better impact, online business should try to improve their conversion rates and lower bounce rates, which is much more important than anything else. If a website ranks well in SERPs, but cannot retain its customer for long, then its ranking position is of no use. Therefore, website owners or marketers should endeavor to lower its bounce rate.

Track and Monitor Technical Aspects

For that, they need to analyze every element of their websites. They should track and monitor technical aspects as well as qualitative elements to calibrate their website according to the guidelines of search engines.

It is to note that the sites that confirm to the standards and rules of search engines not only performs well in terms of rankings but also attract the maximum number of traffic to improve overall revenue.

Embrace the Umbrella Concept of Social Media Optimization

It is also important to embrace the umbrella concept of social media optimization because it is not only trending, but also helps in establishing a better connection with customers. In fact, it is far more important than gaining top rankings than ever before.

Business owners should concentrate on improving their visibility on powerful social platforms such as Reddit, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+, etc. to gain online credibility. (It is also a ranking signal and improves overall credibility of a website.)


Therefore, improving overall effectiveness, website traffic, brand awareness, social impact and increasing business network should also be the prime objectives of online business owners. Of course, keyword ranking is important, but it is just a phase of success. To become really successful, you need to win all the above mentioned aspects.