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Mobilegeddon: Every Thing You Should Know

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Mobilegeddon is a term that was coined by nobody but few market leaders for latest Mobile-Friendly update that Google is about to release on 21st April 2015.

Again the time has come when Google is will penalize many websites that have not synchronized their website to this update and failed to make website mobile-friendly.

On February 26th, 2015, Google have announced about this Mobile-friendly update, where along with the ups and downs of non-mobile-friendly websites on the web the addition of more relevant app content in search results would be seen. With these changes, I believe many un-solved queries of millions of curious minds about Android Play store and promotion on it will go to an end (although, that’s an altogether different topic that I’ll write some other day).

As of now, let’s learn some more about this most awaited “Mobilegeddon” via few questions and answers:

Q: What is “Mobilegeddon” Or “Mobile-friendly algorithm update” and its impact on mobile searches?

A: According to Google, this Algo update will provide users more mobile friendly environment where website’s that has their mobile site optimized will come up on the mobile searches and on the other hand non-mobile friendly websites will receive disappointment.

Q: How much it effect on Desktop searches OR will it affect my current ranking badly?

A: No, there will be no effect on desktop searches and no rank drop will be seen on desktop searches.

Q: How to check my website is mobile-friendly or not?

A: It can be found out using this Google’s Mobile-friendly testing tool also this another mobile testing tool provids by can give you in-depth analysis.

NOTE: Blog’s, website’s and portal’s – those are running ads they may see their website “non-mobile friendly” while checking on these tools. But as soon as you deactivate such plugin website would look good.

Q: How long this update will keep rolling. Will it be real-time?

A: Google will keep it rolling (Google will announce later about it) and effects can be seen real-time.

Although, Team SEOsurfer have analysed few websites like, Times of India and found that digital team of these NEWS giants have done good job, on the other hand digital team of Mr. PM of India i.e. has not updated the website.

Example of Google mobile testing tool:

mobile friendly site

Example of Non-mobile friendly site:

non-mobile friendly site

On a simpler note, if your website is tagged as ‘Mobile-friendly’ by search engine (below screenshot), then you need not to be bother about it.

Mobile friendly tag on

On the other hand, London based magazine, the Economist published an analysis by the research firm Portent, which analyzed 25,000 top ranked sites and found that 10,000 failed the test.

In another research from eMarketer– in the UK, they claim that in 2015, adults will spend more time on mobile devices than desktop computers, according to research, spending 2 hours 26 minutes a day on mobile devices excluding voice calling time compared to 2 hours 13 minutes on a desktop.

Google also estimates that around 50% of searches are conducted from mobile devices, through mobile browsers and its own search apps.

However, the largest share of internet browsing is still being done by Personal Computers with 62.4% of global browsing compared to 31.7% on mobile and 5.8% on tablets in April, according to data from research firm StatCounter. Desktop global internet browsing has steadily declined, however, from 85.6% in August 2012 through 70.5% in April 2014, as mobile use has increased and tablet and console browsing has stayed steady.

StatCounter SEOsurfer
StatCounter Global Stats – Platform Comparison Market Share

At last, let’s wait and watch how much this “Mobilegeddon” has intensified and How much any e-commerce, online selling portal gets affected by it.

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