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How to Write Emails Targeting Millennials?

The millennial generation is the most difficult group to target with email marketing. They are tech-savvy, and they know what they want. Marketers are having a difficult time connecting with millennials to grow their businesses and increase revenue. According to research, 44% of millennials reach for their phones to check email as soon as they’ve turned off their morning alarm.

Who are Millennials?

Gen Y: Gen Y, or Millennials, were born between 1981 and 1994/6. They are currently between 25 and 40 years old.

The population of Millennials in India?

As per Morgan Stanley Research, there are 400 million of them in India

It is important to understand how to best market to millennials via email, not just whether they are interested in them. If brands want to win the trust of younger generations, they must be authentic and reliable.

These are the top email marketing tips for the millennial audience.

1. Your emails should be responsive

According to a study, litmus found that 46% of email messages are opened from a mobile device. If your emails are not looking good on mobile devices, they will be deleted in seconds. Email engagement and click-through rates are affected by responsive emails.

2. Personalize beyond your “first name”.

Who doesn’t love an email that is tailored to the recipient? Of course, everyone. Personalization goes beyond the standard subject line. Segmenting your email list based on your app or website activity will allow you to send emails that cater to their needs and give your millennial subscribers a personalized experience.

Personalization in email can help customers feel special.

01 How to Write Emails Targeting Millennials

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3. Your emails should be interactive

Imagine that you receive two emails. One is full of text; the other has visuals such as GIFs and videos. Which one would you choose to read? The second one, which has visuals, is the better. It isn’t easy to get millennials to open your emails, as they don’t spend much time reading them. Visuals are crucial here.

Millennials are looking for information that is clear and concise. They prefer visuals to text. Try to create interactive emails using a different font and typography to highlight certain keywords in your email to catch your recipient’s attention.

02 How to Write Emails Targeting Millennials

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4. Connect using different channels

Participate on social media platforms. Integration of your email marketing strategy and social media platforms can lead to success for your email campaigns. Millennials are active on all social media platforms. They will share content that is useful and worthwhile.

Don’t forget:

  • In your emails, social media icons
  • Highlights of click-to-tweet text
  • Share and Like buttons
  • Social feed widgets

5. Your emails should speak for themselves

Stories are a favorite with millennials. They spark their curiosity and allow them to discover more. To keep them interested and engaged, use story forms in your emails. You can let them be curious about what is not known.

Creating a series of emails that start with a teaser email with a catchy subject line and content, to some knowledge-based emails, and finally, the final email that reveals your product/app can work wonders.

6. Provide an easy way for people to get in touch with you

Millennials are known for their ability to resolve issues quickly. If they have any questions or suggestions, they should be able to reach you immediately. Make sure that your feedback and support link is easy to access. It would help if you also got back to them as soon as possible.

7. Do not sound desperate to sell your product.

Sales tactics and misleading subject lines will not work with millennials. They’ve seen it before and don’t like it. Instead, be casual in your tone and concentrate on what you can do to help them improve their lives. Provide them with valuable content. Informative. Give millennials reasons to choose you over other options.

8. Play with subject lines

Your subject lines can be a gateway to opening an email. Make sure your subject lines grab the attention of recipients and encourage them to open your email. Make sure your recipients get your message by using a catchy prefix.

9. Transparency is key

Because they have access to so much information online, Millennials can be difficult to win over. They know what people are saying about your brand. 40% of Millennials look online for reviews and testimonials before buying a product. They believe strongly in user-generated content. A positive review or vote can help build trust and loyalty.

Don’t forget about allowing reviews and ratings for products/services. Include as many customer testimonials on your landing page/website as possible. You can include photos and videos of your customers to let your prospects see how your products feel.

It’s hard for millennials to be impressed and even harder to keep. Make sure your brand is transparent. Keep testing your emails for subject lines, preheaders, and content. Keep it short; make your emails relatable, shared and likable.