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How To Clean Windows 10 & Delete Unwanted Files To Save Disk Space

Windows 10 looks good and sleeky but it has some inbuilt issue. Space in C:/ Drive gets filled without saving any data in this partition. I faced this issue and found nothing on the internet that could solve my issue but now for others I’m writing this solution. enjoy!

Since I installed Windows 10, everything was going good, but it was like 2 months I am scratching my head to get rid of this 99% filled space in C/ Drive, only a few hundreds of MB’s were left on my PC.

Windows 10 filled C Space

So, now and then I tried to free space and optimize the C drive. Hell, this “optimize” word is like a life of my type people – hardcore SEO guys, and especially myself the one who is always ready to optimize their On-Page than an Off-page. Because it bothers me on a usability part.

Like an older version of Windows 10, I tried to delete some junk files from %Temp% folder, prefetch folder, etc. But I failed to achieve desired results. Therefore, each time I leave the matter as is.

But today due to this issue, I got a comment from my about to be a client that – if your system is breaking down then how you’ll fix ours!

Ah! There was a lot of pain bleed out of my ears. I finally decided I’ll get rid of this issue anyhow.

So, again I started from the scratch but got nothing. Then I started “Windows 10 Manager” application which I had installed earlier in place of CCleaner because Windows 10 doesn’t support CCleaner.

windows 10 manager

Although, I had tried it but not like this time. It’s 2 AM in the morning when any geek have tried the weirdest experiments and craziest things. Somehow, this experiment was not that crazy.

I explored “Windows 10 Manager” and started from Uninstalling Windows Inbuilt Apps and came down to Smart Uninstaller and removed all those heavy applications that I was not using for 6 months like OLX’s new campaign.
Even after uninstalling few big applications I got only few GB’s free.

Finally, I went into “Disk Analyzer” and as it requires little time to analyze the entire partition, so I left it to take time. However, I did not know what is about to come next.

Bingo! Time –

Disk Analyzed - 2
As in image, now I got to know where most of are GB’s was stocked and now I can deep dive into the segments and free myspace.
Here, you’ll find “majorly” these kinds of stuff which were useless and unknowingly got saved piles onto piles. Some of these are:
1.    Installer folder – under Windows folder

Disk Analyzed - windows installer
Installer folder – under Windows Folder

Windows 10 has one bad habit of installing updates, and even if you don’t require you cannot stop it from doing it. So, whatever crap got saved till date and waste of all installed app data, you’ll find in this folder. Go > Select All > Shift Delete.

2.    User’s folder – Videos, Documents, etc.

Disk Analyzed - User data and recorded videos
Disk Analyzed – User data and Recorded Videos

You’ll find all those videos once you had tried shooting via Laptop’s camera and in documents may find some of the downloaded craps but didn’t get time to get rid off.



Caution & Conclusion –

Free space

Now go and get your free space back like I did and start downloading movies back on C/ drive which you’d shifted to another drive because of no available space. And it will also help you optimizing the speed of your laptop and performance. But be careful while deleting any of the important folders that may cause you to re-install / repair whole Windows 10 again.

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