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Choose Best Bridal Dress Based on Body Shapes

Choose Best Bridal Dress based on Body Shapes 2019

Every girl have this precious day in her life when she turns to Bride – The Best Day in Life time when she want to look b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l (beautiful) and unique from the other.
Certainly a bride’s dress would make her different. However, a selected piece with body shape can do wonder.
This inforgraphic will give you brief idea about most common body shapes and types of dress she could wear to make her different in the aisles.
There are four common types of body shapes – hourglass, rectangle, apple and pear (there are others too – to find out more visit us at or keep on Googling).
Brides dresses perfect to the bride’s body would give her different touch, and Allure Bridal Dresses have realistically made that difference. Enjoy the Infograhics!