Aptoide vs Google Play Store-The Best Alternative To Play Store

Play Store is Google’s official pre-installed app on Android-trademarked devices which provides access to content on the Google Play Store. It allows users to browse and download music, books, magazines, movies, television programs, and applications.

The aptoide apk has been on the market since 2009. It is recent till it has made its reputation in the market. Of course, public response takes time. But now it is sure that it is a big time competitor to Google Playstore. This can be seen in the fact that the aptoide app is not available on the Playstore, and you will need to download the aptoide apk from the main site of aptoide. In this post, we will be going through the features of both the apps i.e., Google Playstore and Aptoide.

The comparison will be unbiased and based on the market review for both the apps. Before going to share all the information about aptoide apk, we want to tell you that, aptoide is available for all the OS versions, I mean you can download aptoide on your android devices, windows devices. Even besides this you can also go for aptoide iOS version. So folks now let’s get ready to check out this informative article.


Google Is More Famous But Aptoide Managed To Create A Buzz

We are all aware of the Google Playstore. It is currently and always been the biggest marketplace for Android applications. The reason being that it has already made its name in the market. Also, Google had entered the industry when there was no competition. That means it was the company which brought the new concept of the marketplace at first. Google is the biggest tech company as of now. Still, if aptoide is being compared to it, that means that the aptoide app has indeed created a buzz because of its features.


Highly Secure App

The aptoide apk is highly secure as it is written on the JAVA platform. The Java platform is the most used platform for making highly secured systems. Millions of applications and software are running on the JAVA platform itself. This is because Java offers the Bytecode version which cannot be deciphered. So no more security concern.

Price Matters

Google play store provides both free and paid apps where as in Aptoide all apps, even the premium ones are available for free.



The Google playstore is the biggest marketplace for the Android apps, but you will find many apps on aptoide marketplace which are not available on Playstore.



In Google play store you cannot revert to a previous version of an app and you cannot setup your marketplace. But in Aptoide You can return to an earlier version of an app and can setup your marketplace and showcase your apps.



There is no automatic update in Google play store. Aptoide provides automatic update.


Mass Audience

Aptoide has no region restriction and it is available everywhere. Google play store is restricted in countries like China.

So these are some of the feature differences between the Google Playstore and the aptoide app. Both the apps, the Google Playstore and the Aptoide app, have their advantages, and you can figure it out from the above slash down between both the apps. The Google Playstore comes as a default version on all Android devices, but you can download the aptoide apk from an external mirror.

So, wouldn’t you want to download the aptoide apk? I think you have to give a try to this amazing app, because change is the rule of this world. Then we have to try something new and different besides the google play store.